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Tatiana Silva Anchor

In 2014, Tatiana Silva join forces with UNICEF in combating poverty and hunger in the region of Africa. Her efforts in promoting the importance of education, nutrition and medicine can be seen through the UNICEF campaigns reflecting her visits to regions in West Africa and the factories dedicated to supporting those in need. Earlier in her joining the UNICEF team, she visited the country of Côte d'Ivoire, bringing attention to the country's difficulties. She continues to be an advocate for organizations like UNICEF and Handicap International.

Supplies are essential to fulfil children’s rights.  Supporting child survival and development programmes around the world, UNICEF-procured supplies are critical in providing for children’s health, education and protecting them from abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

UNICEF procures and supplies over 5,000 products to address the needs of children.
In 2013, UNICEF procured $2.839 billion worth of supplies and services from all over the world, ensuring high quality and good value through fair and open procurement.

As well as supporting UNICEF’s ongoing programmatic activities, the Supply function provides  rapid supply response to emergencies.

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