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Proyectar Sin Fronteras Anchor

I spent a very short 5 days in Bogota - Colombia to document the dreams of children of Proyectar Sin Fronteras. From super heroes, to president, peace makers, vet, travelers, footballers or firemen those children who often have hard life do not loose hope to bring peace in the Colombia. 

Proyectar Sin Fronteras is a non-profit organisation of international solidarity fighting against poverty and exclusion in developing countries.
In its projects, PSF creates programs that seek to reduce the economic, social, cultural and/or environmental vulnerability of the target populations. Projeter sans Frontières wishes to become an innovative and dynamic non-profit organisation, structured on a professional base and also dedicated to research and to students, intending to become soon a model of high value-added and an example of perspectives of leadership in the world of development NGOs.

These pictures were taken at the residence of the French Ambassador of Colombia when PSF announced the launching of their new programs in January 2018. I'm very proud to be part of this adventure that is to be continued!

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